Root Systems and Nutrient Absorption

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Root Systems and Nutrient Absorption

The picture above is representative of the type of root system necessary for any type of crop to be successful in producing its own kind in abundance. The foundation of any successful crop will be its root system. We have developed our entire Earthsoils Program to enhance the root system’s ability to absorb nutrition from its soil environment.

Absorbing nutrition sounds like animal, or better yet, human characteristics of a digestive track. We have all experienced being hungry. It is not pleasant to be in this position for very long:

  • Our attitudes change
  • Our energy level disappears
  • Our ability to perform simple tasks challenges us to the core

It is absolutely no fun to be hungry and to expect ourselves to be performing up to our own expectations. Absorbing nutrition is the taking up of the chemistry necessary to sustain life. Simple basics: no nutrition absorption equals an unproductive life!

The Earthsoils Program is designed around this understanding. The soil and the plants we work with are living organisms. We strive to provide them with nutrition consistent with Mother Nature’s rules. Put good nutrition into the soil environment and you can expect consistent good in return!

Despite the extremes of climate in different areas this year, solid performance reflected the ability of crops to produce because they were nutritionally supported. It is amazing what some of the crops have produced with sparse precipitation and temperatures of heat that send us to shade and air conditioners. Earthsoils has strong nutritional basics in place for you to rely on as a fertility provider. We want to improve on what is already present in the soil profile. With your help and understanding of the simple basics for successful soil performance, our program will be of even more value to you for years to come!